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An ASAP Internship Story: Catherine Hipps

My Internship Story
By Catherine Hipps

Making copies, filing documents, and getting coffee. The stereotypical life of a college intern, yes? Well, I’m happy to say, my internship was outside the ordinary. My name is Catherine Hipps. I’m a Junior Global Studies major at UNC Chapel Hill, and I spent this past summer as the administrative intern at ASAP.

Working at ASAP was a breath of fresh air. I was constantly challenged with tasks that I previously thought were outside of my ability, and found myself not only able but eager to rise to the occasion. It’s easy to become excited about a cause when in the presence of such passionate and driven people, but what one doesn’t usually find is a support system that truly wants you to try new things, make mistakes if necessary, and ultimately grow.

What really brought it home for me was a trip to the Mission Hospital cafeteria near the end of the summer. I remember getting excited at the sight of an Appalachian Grown logo in the entryway, and then being blown away at the amount of ASAP promotional materials hanging on the walls around the room. Not only that, but a photo and bio of the farmers responsible for the beef served there was proudly hanging right in the center. Researching, writing, and hearing about the program all summer is one thing, but seeing it out in the public eye, with the proud support of an institution of that magnitude, really spoke to me about how important what I was doing is to the community.

After leaving ASAP, I carry with me not only an enriching experience, but the inspiration to continue working to give back to people and the environment. The next step? Well, after finishing my undergrad work, law school. Environmental law is something that has always spoken to me, and I hope to go on to found a consulting firm that helps businesses develop more sustainable practices. A daunting goal to be sure, but after this summer, I have such a new confidence in my abilities that I’m excited to see it through. Wish me luck!

Would you like to intern at ASAP, or do you know someone who might be interested? Visit and share this link; deadline to apply for our 2013 spring internships is November 12.

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