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ASAP in 30 Seconds (Video)!

You’ve heard us boast about our talented interns before, and here we go again! Spring communications intern Casey Toth has been out taking photos and video at farms and farmers markets since January. With her footage, she created a 30-second ASAP commercial for her video class at UNC Asheville. We’re excited to have her share her final product and experience with you.

Guest post by ASAP communications intern Casey Toth

Hello! Casey, ASAP’s communications intern here. I’m excited to share with you my first video for ASAP. I’ve been working on other video projects in my time here, but this is the first that’s ready to show off. This piece was also an assignment for my video class at school. We were asked to create a 30-second commercial for the organization of our choice. What better organization to choose than ASAP?

On a warm, sunny Thursday afternoon I headed out to John Bennett’s farm, Beulah Farm, to gather my footage. First, I sat down with him on his front porch for an intimate video interview. He told me about his time spent living in Florida working as a sheriff, and about his doctorate degree in theology. Mr. Bennett is a fascinating man, very intelligent and compassionate. He deserves a whole documentary, not just a 30-second bit! We discussed the benefits of grassfed beef and the process of starting a farmers market, too. Most importantly, he opened up about the influence of ASAP on his farming business.

After our interview, he raced off to pick up a trailer, an important farm errand. I was left to my devices to gather B-roll on his beautiful property. I enjoyed sneaking into the chicken coop like a fox and dodging the cow patties like a fish.

Shooting the video was the easy part. Editing the video with Final Cut Pro, though, was a terribly wonderful experience. I spent eight and a half consecutive hours editing with my friend, Anne Mallett, for just a 30-second piece! You could say there was quite a learning curve. It was worth it though; I’m proud of this video regardless of its flaws.

I hope it opens your heart and mind to ASAP’s noble mission. They work so hard to bring you fresh, local food!

PS: A Business of Farming Conference video is coming soon, as well as a mini-documentary on local food. Hopefully they won’t take as long to edit!

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