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[Guest Program Post] Reconnecting Health and Earth

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Each Thursday, ASAP’s programs take you behind the scenes of their work. This week, our development department turns over the reins to Michael Scholtz of NOVO Wellness. Michael and NOVO Wellness have been generous donors to ASAP for many years, recognizing how ASAP’s mission is connected to their own vision. NOVO works with clients across the country; they support us because our commitment to localizing the food system is a message they can use anywhere with anyone. ASAP relies on support from businesses like NOVO Wellness to ensure our success, and we love to share the stories of these businesses also working to transform our relationship with food.

Reconnecting Health and Earth
Guest blog post from Michael Scholtz, NOVO Wellness

The secret to healthy living is a dirty little secret indeed. Most of what you need to be truly healthy can, quite literally, be found in the dirt. More on that in just a moment. First, let me give you some background.

NOVO Wellness has been helping people navigate the landmines of modern, convenience-driven lifestyles for years now, and has come to understand that the answers are surprisingly simple. This is not to say that you can just “flip a switch” and be super-healthy. Changing the way you live is complicated and connected to your beliefs about yourself, your motivations, the real challenges you face and the tools and strategies you use to overcome them.

But, there is good news to be found amidst all of the nonsense that passes for “expert advice” in the world of health and weight loss. And that is where the dirt comes in. A connection to the land positively affects your health in several ways.

Whole foods are the basis for any truly healthy way of eating. Any “balanced and healthy diet” recommends the same core whole foods: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean sources of protein, nuts and seeds and, in many cases, quality dairy products. And herein lies the only real “secret” to eating healthy. Instead of focusing on the latest diet trend, the one change that can make the biggest impact on your diet is choosing foods that come straight from the garden and farm versus choosing foods that come in cans, boxes, and bags.

This is the reason we support ASAP. We see in their message of choosing locally grown whole foods a glimmer of light in the fight against America’s ever expanding waistline. We believe that if a person made only one lifestyle change and it was to eat 95% whole foods, this one change would provide a significant and lasting benefit to one’s health, energy and weight.

What stops most people from doing this? One is the incessant search for the perfect “diet.” Believing that there is a way to eat that will “melt fat” away leads people to remain lost and searching for that silver bullet. Another is bewilderment with real food. “Cooking” something from a box is easy and convenient. Stopping at the drive-thru is even easier. But, cooking real food? That can be scary. ASAP is a great resource, helping people learn to prepare and enjoy real food, and that is invaluable.

ASAP has many relevant programs and messages for helping people ease into a lifestyle that includes whole foods. Simple, delicious, locally grown whole foods need to be what the doctor orders when it comes to reversing the epidemic of overweight and obesity in America. If local whole foods are easy to access, fun to prepare and delicious to eat, then it’s an amazing bonus that they are also healthy!

Who would have thought we might find the answer to such a widespread healthcare issue lying in the dirt?

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