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Program Post: Appalachian Grown Wax Boxes Hit the Market!

Wax Boxes

Each Thursday, ASAP’s programs take you behind the scenes of their work. This week, our Local Food Campaign talks about an exciting new Appalachian Grown product for farmers: slick (literally and metaphorically) produce boxes!

From ASAP’s Local Food Campaign

The Local Food Campaign (LFC) team are the folks behind managing ASAP’s production and sale of Appalachian Grown packaging materials for farmers. We offer farmers plastic bags, twist ties, rubber bands, stickers, labels, you name it so that their local products can be easily found and identified where you shop (look for the logo on produce, artisan products, and grocery store signage) and dine (look for the logo on restaurant doors, windows, and menus). When you see the Appalachian Grown logo, you can feel confident that the farm products you are purchasing or ordering were grown and raised right here in Southern Appalachia.

Shope Creek Farm CSA BoxWhere else can you find the Appalachian Grown logo? Perhaps on your CSA box! Each year, the LFC team determines which Appalachian Grown packaging materials to offer based on interest and feedback from farmers. Last month, we released a new offering: Appalachian Grown wax boxes, a common product used by farms for delivering CSA shares or selling products to wholesale markets. Wax boxes are sturdy and water resistant, providing a means to safely package and ship produce while minimizing spoilage. The new boxes have been selling quickly, and farmers have shared enthusiasm over the boxes’ high quality and competitive prices.

Polk County producer Richard Reese, of Green River Acres LLC, commented that the boxes have a heavier wax and are sturdier than ones he previously used. Other farmers have commented on the competitive prices, expressing that the difference (in thousands for some larger scale growers) could mean additional security for their families.

Tell us: Have you received a CSA share in a new Appalachian Grown wax box? Farms like Aardvark Farm, Paper Crane Farm, and MiLo Acres are using the boxes for their CSA programs. Share via Facebook, or email us a picture!

Farmers: Appalachian Grown wax boxes are still available for purchase while supplies last at the ASAP office. Please contact us at 828-236-1282 or email us at for more information. Interested in other materials we don’t currently offer? Let us know! We always appreciate suggestions for new Appalachian Grown materials to develop. Get a list of our current offerings here.

PS: Don’t see the Appalachian Grown logo where you shop or dine? Ask if it’s displayed or why it’s not! This tells local businesses that buying Appalachian Grown products is important to you and encourages them to source locally. To find more local businesses that carry Appalachian Grown certified products, visit our online Local Food Guide.

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