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Program Post: Growing Minds Goodies!

Each week, our programs take you behind the scenes of their work. We’ve been talking a lot about the new But, got a redesign not too long ago, too! So this week, our Growing Minds Farm to School Program takes you on a tour of their wondrous website. 

From ASAP’s Growing Minds Program

The Growing Minds team has a lot going on in 2013! We have so many exciting and useful resources to share, and we plan to highlight one goodie per month with our Program Post. To start, we want to turn the spotlight on, since that’s where you can learn about everything Growing Minds.

If you aren’t familiar with the Growing Minds site, we encourage you to take a peek. What will you find there? LOTS of lesson plans (tested lesson plans) for the K-6 and preschool setting, recipes (ingredients are easily sourced locally and affordably…and they’re tasty!), children’s literature (our database is searchable, and you can see we’re a bit ga-ga for children’s literature), videos like The Story of Growing Minds (more coming soon), and our brand new blog Stories. You can also download a copy of our Local Food Guide for Kids, learn about mini-grants we’re offering, get a glimpse of the Get Local @ School materials that we can provide for area schools and preschools, and learn more about Farm to School in general (can you name the four components?)!

The website is not only a one-stop shop for all kinds of resources, it’s also where you can sign up for our e-newsletters: our Growing Minds educator monthly (a monthly email about upcoming trainings, new resources, and funding opportunities), the Southeast Farm to School e-newsletter (bi-monthly e-news about F2S in the SE, from Kentucky to Florida), and ASAP’s newsletters, too.

What’s more, the site is a portal for ideas and suggestions from YOU! Click “Submit a Farm to School idea” and share your thoughts: a recipe that kids enjoyed, a lesson plan that really zinged, or a children’s book that is missing from our library. We can’t do this work without you, and the site is but one way we can stay connected.

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