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Taking Local and Organic to the Next Level

Our fall communications intern, Elise Carlson, spent lots of time with farmers at tailgates and ASAP events. In fact, she was so busy documenting both she didn’t have time to get out on the farm! So, to close out her experience, she visited Fields of Gold Farm in Hendersonville. Here’s her story.

Guest post by Elise Carlson

To wrap up my communications internship at ASAP, I decided to visit Lisa Black and her herd of Oberhasli goats at Fields of Gold Farm in Hendersonville.  I’ve always had an affinity for goats, but actually raising them never struck me as a real possibility. That is, until I attended tailgate markets and saw how many people are raising goats successfully in Western North Carolina.  At Fields of Gold I expected to visit with the goats and learn about keeping them, but experienced much more.

For Lisa, providing optimal nutrients and conditions for her goats is just the starting point. With a degree in nuclear medicine, she approaches farming with healthcare in mind. She chose to raise Oberhasli goats, a heritage Swiss dairy breed, because their milk is not only delicious but has lower milk fat—not to mention they have great dispositions. Her farm’s motto is: “Nurturing high quality fruitful agriculture,” and she is fully dedicated to that idea. “Prevention is key to health,” she says. “All of the goats are very healthy and have a high vitality.”  Her goats drink well water supplemented with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and a little bit of apple cider vinegar, and they’re fed high-quality alfalfa. They have plenty of pasture in which to roam, forage, and socialize. Through trial and error, she has experimented with breeding, and her most recent kidding produced the desirable outcome of five does and one buck.

Experimentation is an important research tool at Fields of Gold, especially for the nonprofit organization she has created: the Fields of Gold Foundation. Educational programs and an on-site biological soil lab are in the works, so it will be a research farm, among other things. Lisa is also an Advanced Quantum Biofeedback Therapist who helps many clients with their health issues using biofeedback therapy; she also uses it on the plants and animals at the farm. A biofeedback instrument reads the frequencies that are being emitted and then feeds back into whatever is being tuned to adjust any imbalances. These imbalances are what can later lead to health problems. Understanding frequencies is something that has always come naturally to her.  “I can balance the frequencies of the goats while I’m in my office, or of a client in another part of the country,” Lisa explains. “There is no time and space in quantum theory, everything is now.”  She has balanced the frequencies of the whole farm with biofeedback and says that it contributes to the extraordinarily peaceful atmosphere there, even though it’s just five minutes from downtown Hendersonville.

While Lisa has faced some challenges with the farm, from Hurricane Ivan wreaking havoc to difficulties with investors, she is set on running a thriving dairy for making cheese and gelato, as well as an agritourism business complete with a country inn and farm store.  The potential there, as the farm was built by a German inventor in the 1940’s with many quaint and charming buildings and structures perfect for her plan. She sells goat milk soaps through her website, which are naturally full of vitamins, minerals, and alpha-hydroxy acids. She even enhances the frequencies of the soaps using biofeedback so that there are a variety of beneficial healing properties on a personal level to choose from. Keep your eyes peeled for her healing goat milk soaps and gelato at area winter markets.  Her gelato and soaps can now also be found at Katuah Market, the new organic grocery store in Biltmore Village.

The future is exciting for Fields of Gold. As an agritourism destination, it will be a wonderful place for folks to bring their families to pick berries, sit on the porch and eat  goat milk gelato, visit with the animals, and even learn something interesting about nutrient dense organic agriculture! I’m excited I’ll get to say, “I knew it when…”



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