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10 Questions That Can Be Answered at BOF’s Sidewalk Sessions!

Ever attend a conference and wish you could have a small, focused session with the speaker? You can during any of our 10th annual Business of Farming Conference’s 11 sidewalk sessions—with experts from lawyers to graphic designers and bookkeepers to grant writers! For our next ‘top 10’ list in honor of the occasion, we’re sharing 10 questions you can get answered during the sessions. The BIG event we affectionately call BOF is Saturday, February 23; spaces are still available but filling up fast.

10 Questions That Can Be Answered at BOF’s Sidewalk Sessions

  1. What type of social media is best for me and my farm business?
  2. How do I start and maintain a website or a blog, and which is right for me?
  3. How do I write a successful and well-researched grant proposal?
  4. Are there any new farm regulations I need to be aware of?
  5. How do I create a brand for my farm? And what are the costs of branding and graphic design?
  6. What are the basics of bookkeeping and finance for my farm business?
  7. How do I create a solid business plan for my farm?
  8. What are the laws surrounding trademarks, labor, and risk management?
  9. What type of business entity should I use for my farm? How do I go about forming this business?
  10. How do I find farmland, and what are the different ways to procure?

Convinced you should attend? We were hoping you would be! Click to find conference details, the 2013 workshop schedule + workshop descriptions, and to register.

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