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[Guest Post] Pack a Picnic for the Farm Tour

Local Picnic Basket

This year, the Henderson County Farm Tour cluster is bigger and better than ever! That excites the team at Hendersonville Community Co-op, an Appalachian Grown partner retailer. While selling tour passes, Community Outreach Coordinator Gretchen Schott Cummins had a brilliant idea: stop into the store before touring farms to pick up local items for a picnic! In this post, she shares her basket recommendations.

Guest Post by Gretchen Schott Cummins
Hendersonville Community Co-op (a tour pass vendor)

Agriculture has been a key economic influence in Henderson County for a very long time. If you drive through in the spring, you will see the blush of blossoms on the apple trees: the promise of a “sweet and tangy” harvest. Many, and varied, apples have come to define our county. Now grapes are popping up on vineyards and a wider variety of crops is available— from biodynamic to conventionally grown. Henderson County is rich with great soil and excellent growing conditions (mostly!).

If you plan to participate in ASAP’s Farm Tour and tour farms in Hendersonville, stop by the Hendersonville Community Co-op and grab some sustenance to get you through the day. We have local offerings that could compliment the local apples you’ll buy at the participating orchards (Justus Orchard and J.H. Stepp Farms Hillcrest Orchard) and veggies you’ll stock up on at Holly Spring Farm and Nursery. And, we’ve got goat cheese and Annie’s Bakery breads to go with the wine you’ll be sampling at Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards.

We also have a deli full of prepared foods—from Lemon Sesame Kale Salad to good ol’ fashioned Tater Salad. We’ve got plenty of sweets, too! If you don’t eat gluten, we bake our own gluten-free brownies in-house. Top it all off with a local Buchi kombucha, and your day will be complete.

Download the Farm Tour guide for info about great picnic spots as well as tour meal stops. You can purchase your carload weekend Farm Tour pass between now and the event at the Hendersonville Community Co-op and other area vendors, or online via our website for $25. You can also hit the road and then purchase a pass at the first farm you visit for $30.

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