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[Guest Program Post] A Fam Tour Tale + Share Yours!

Round Mountain Creamery Goats

Each Thursday, ASAP’s programs take you behind the scenes of their work. This week, our development department heard from Carrie Keller, a local food lover and ASAP supporter. She shared with us her memories of last year’s Farm Tour and her excitement about the 2013 event. After you read her tour story, we hope you’ll share yours—whether of a past experience or what you’re most looking forward to this weekend!

A Farm Tour Tale
Guest blog post from Carrie Keller, Asheville resident

I heard about the Farm Tour for the first time from Sally Eason of Sunburst Trout Farms. Sally and I are old friends, and she encouraged me to go on the tour and stop by her farm. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hoped to meet farmers, but I thought I probably wouldn’t get to meet someone who lived or worked on these farms. Boy was I wrong! The tours on each of the farms I visited were so well organized and led by the farmer or a farm worker who had such a wealth of knowledge about their farm and food. I couldn’t get enough.

For me, the hardest part about the Farm Tour is deciding where to go, because I would love to visit all the farms! If you’re like me, here are some notes to help. They’re my notes from destinations I visited last year that are on the tour again in 2013:

  • Long Branch Environmental Education Center: I was very interested in visiting because of their permaculture design focus, which includes lots of systems that interest me. If that’s up your alley, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Cloud 9 Farm: They sell forest products, bees, chickens, and lumber. The forest products component piqued my interest and might pique yours.
  • Round Mountain Creamery: I love their cheeses, so I was very excited to visit. Also, my parents’ friends had goats when I was growing up, so it was a visceral reality to be around goats again. It’s incredibly memorable looking goats in the eyes. The tours at the creamery were so well organized. There was a different leader for each segment, including the milking area, processing, etc. Plus, a veterinarian talked about the different challenges they have at the creamery.

This year, we plan to take friends along and visit Sunburst Trout Farms and Smoking J’s Fiery Foods and Farm. My husband, Jerry, loves both smoked trout and hot peppers!

We wanna know: Which farms do YOU plan to visit? What was YOUR past Farm Tour experience(s) like?

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