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Meet the Newcomers: Almosta Farm’s Janet Marrs and Lori Shields

By Alex Alesi, fall communications intern

During ASAP’s Farm Tour this weekend, you’ll have the chance to learn from and explore more than 30 family-owned farms spread throughout Western North Carolina. Many of these farms are longstanding tour participants and will be familiar to those of you who attended last year and in other years past. More than a dozen, however, will make their Farm Tour debuts in 2012.

Today, meet Janet Marrs and Lori Shields, owners of a small farm near Asheville’s River Arts District.

Almosta Farm
Janet Marrs and Lori Shields

Q: You’re new to the Farm Tour. Are you also new to farming?
 We have been doing home gardening on and off for many years. Always small scale: a few tomatoes, some herbs; just enough to get our hands in the soil.

Q: What will visitors see and experience at your farm during the Farm Tour?
 Our focus is anyone can grow their own food, no matter where they live or how small the space. People will see chickens and bees in an urban setting, a traditional garden, and then some creative use of space for gardening, like raised beds made of straw bales, pallets used as a raised bed, etc. We will have information on composting and extending the growing season with cost-effective means.

Q: What’s your favorite fall crop to grow, or your favorite thing about fall on your farm?
  In a few weeks we will be harvesting honey, which is always a favorite. We are also just introducing five new chicks into our family, and they are always fun.

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