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Meet the Newcomers: Razor Mountain’s Mary Tavolacci and Mike Quirk

By Alex Alesi, fall communications intern

When ASAP’s Farm Tour kicks off next month, you’ll have the chance to learn from and explore more than 30 family-owned farms spread throughout Western North Carolina. Many of these farms are longstanding tour participants and will be familiar to those of you who attended last year and in other years past. More than a dozen, however, will make their Farm Tour debuts in 2012.

Today, discover one such newcomer, a diverse farm in the mountains around Barnardsville: Razor Mountain!

Razor Mountain
Mary Tavolacci and Mike Quirk

Q: You’re new to the Farm Tour! Are you also new to farming?
Yes, we are fairly new to farming, but the concept of farming is not new to us. My mother, Eunice Pike, was born and raised on Sand Mountain in Georgia. Mike’s grandfather, Severt Severtson, was a Norwegian dairy farmer in southern Wisconsin. We purchased the land in 2005 and built our house and barn in 2007. The horses soon followed. We started our goat herd in 2010, with our first kids born the following spring. We bought Raven, our Dexter cow, from Beavertree Farm in 2011, and her bull calf, Cormac, was born last December. We added our Dominique chickens that year also. Our Gloucester Old Spots pigs were added this year, and we are hoping for piglets in early 2013.

Q: What will visitors see and experience at your farm during the Farm Tour?
Visitors to our farm can expect to see a fairly modern farm with roots in the farms of a century ago. Most of our animals are heritage breeds. We milk the cow and will sell her calf as a breeding bull. Our chickens are dual purpose and provide us and our neighbors with eggs. Our piglets will be sold for breeding stock and the table. Our Tennessee Fainting Goats, while an excellent meat breed, are raised as pets. All of our animals are pasture raised.

Q: What’s your favorite fall crop to grow, or your favorite thing about fall on your farm?
A: Our favorite fall product is the honey from our three colonies. They have done well this year and we will have plenty for sale!

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