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*UPDATED WITH MENU* Program Post: A Summer Soiree, and You’re Invited!

Trout Dish

Each Thursday, ASAP’s programs take you behind the scenes of their work. This week, our development team shares about an exciting fundraiser cooked up by Sunburst Trout Farms and interviews Sunburst’s owner, Sally Eason, about all that’s in store! Tickets for this event have sold out.

From ASAP’s Development and Communications Team

People are still talking about last year’s In Celebration of Ramps dinner at Early Girl Eatery. After all, who can forget a memorable meal—especially one that’s scrumptious and tells a story of a region and its hardworking farmers?!

ASAP is committed to creating fun local food events to help you connect with the source of what you eat (and have that memorable meal!). We’re thrilled to present Sunburst’s Summer Solstice Soiree for ASAP on Saturday, June 22, at 6 pm. Sunburst Trout Farms is graciously hosting the dinner as a benefit for ASAP; tickets are going fast, so buy yours now to enjoy dishes sure to be talked about for some time to come! The idea for the event came from Sunburst owner Sally Eason, a member of ASAP’s Board of Directors. Here, she shares more about this delectable gathering.

ASAP: Tell us about your vision for the event.
Sally: My vision is to share the importance of ASAP with a range of people who will hopefully share our enthusiasm about your mission and ASAP’s vision going forward.
I hope we will be eating under the stars and listening to the rush of water from the dam.

ASAP: Can you give us a sneak peek of the menu?
Sally: Guests can expect a range of Southern favorites with a modern slant, featuring all local vegetables and fruits and proteins. Of course there will be trout (a beautiful dish featuring our trout is pictured above)!**Scroll down for updated menu from Chef Charles Hudson!**

ASAP: Why did you want to host a benefit for ASAP?
Sally: I have loved ASAP since it was a child, and I want everybody else to share that love! ASAP has created the model to bridge all the pathways between the farmer, the chefs, the school children, and the regional retail and tailgate markets. The end result is expanding relationships amongst all who value our local economic growth and the duration of farming in the Southern Appalachians.

ASAP: What are you most looking forward to on June 22?
Sally: I hope to see several converts and new enthusiasts toward ASAP who perhaps were uninformed before this event. I want people to leave with a feeling of having learned something new about farming in general, feeling empowered to help ASAP in whatever ways are appropriate, and an appreciation for the farmers who created what we serve.

Proposed Menu
subject to change

To start: Buffet of hors d’oeuvres, including trout dip, pimento cheese, and more
1st course: Trout caviar trio: mayonnaise sandwich with smoked caviar, cold-smoked trout cups filled with blood orange caviar, caviar on whipped buttermilk
2nd course: Greens with pickled mushrooms, smoked tomato vinaigrette, and crispy trout skins
3rd course: Ramp-scented trout fillet with strawberry-rhubarb compote and grilled summer squash
4th course: Peach and apple stack cake with caramel sauce

We hope you’ll be able to join us on June 22, and we looking forward to spending the solstice together!

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