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Program Post: The Making of Our Local Food Guide!

LFG Process

Each Thursday, ASAP’s programs take you behind the scenes of their work. This week, our Local Food Campaign shares the process of creating our 2013 Local Food Guide, which hits stands next month!

From ASAP’s Local Food Campaign

Spring is here, radishes are sprouting up, and it’s time for a new Local Food Guide! But, it’s not an easy or fast process. We started way back in the fall when the days were getting shorter and the nights cooler. We began with ad sales and calls. Our two crackerjack callers, Aimee Mostwill and Trish Tripp who you may recognize from tailgate markets around town, spent weeks calling farmers and restaurants and all those in between to update information for the guide. We’re dedicated to keeping the publication as up-to-date as possible, with the most current information about what Appalachian Grown farms and partner businesses have to offer. We don’t just ask a couple of questions, though. The data we gather takes up several feet of spreadsheet! All of the data we collect is available through our online guide at

LFG Cover

Cover sneak peek!

From the data collected, we cull select details for the print guide’s 12 sections. With Bridget Kennedy (Local Food Campaign program director) compiling and Maggie Cramer (communications manager) editing, the data rolls on to the art department where Lee Seabrook (art coordinator), who is fortunate to have a talented design intern’s help this term, formats and styles the guide. Lee chooses photos, creates artwork, and places ads. Maggie creates additional articles. There are some late hours, some edits and then some more edits, and finally a completed guide emerges. The publication then heads off to the printer and is back within days on a tractor trailer truck. The truck arrives carrying enough guides to build a small house—or distribute all around the region to help you find local food and support our local economy!

Our 2013 Local Food Guide will return from the printer just in time for ASAP’s first Local Food Fest on Saturday, April 27. Mark your calendars: we’re closing down Wall Street for this FREE event that promises to be fun for the whole family.

Tell us: What do YOU love about the Local Food Guide?
How do you use the guide, which section do you turn to first, which articles do you enjoy?