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Meet ASAP’s Spring Interns!

ASAP has seven new interns this spring! Interns are an integral part in keeping ASAP running smoothly and provides the opportunity for people to learn how ASAP supports the local food movement in the Southern Appalachians. So let’s meet the new batch of ASAP interns!

Marquita Moore–Operations Intern
While attending Mars Hill University as a Bonner Scholar, Marquita did a lot of volunteer work with local nonprofits. One organization that stood out to her was MANNA Foodbank. She was inspired specifically by the farmers that donate to MANNA. She witnessed these farmers not only bringing food for community members, but also food for farmers that don’t have enough to feed their animals. These actions make Marquita want to support the people who support us, the farmers! Marquita is excited to be an operations intern at ASAP this spring. She hopes to one day have land of her own that she can tend and pass down to future generations. She hopes to figure out a way to make a living from her land and to become as self-sustaining as possible, all while supporting the local economy. Her favorite local dish is the Chipotle Chicken Tacos from Mamacita’s. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, up-cycling crafts and furniture, and, of course, volunteering at local nonprofits.

Jasmine Riazati–Research Intern
One summer, while working on a friend’s farm, the connections between social justice and the food system became too great to ignore. This is what led Jasmine to seek an internship at ASAP. She is looking forward to connecting with the people behind big data, to turning numbers into people’s actual experiences. Jasmine is excited to work with innovative, creative people who care about what they do! A surprising fact about Jasmine is that her only service industry job was scooping ice cream for a summer. Yum! Her favorite local food item is sweet, crisp, WNC apples. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys hiking around the mountains, whittling spoons, and baking.

Amy Marion–Growing Minds and Research Intern
Amy spent eight months working at Ivy Creek Family Farm in Barnardsville. This was one of the toughest and most rewarding experiences she’s ever had. It inspired her to work toward ensuring everyone has access to local food, if not learn how to grow it themselves. She is excited to be part of the ASAP community’s passionate and supportive environment. During her internship, she hopes to learn everything she can about what goes into helping a region build a strong local food system. In her spare time, Amy enjoys backpacking, knitting, growing food, and creating delicious dishes! Her favorite local food item is hakurei turnips straight from the ground–or her mom’s chicken pot pie! An interesting fact about Amy is that she grew up with five llamas!

Ashley Lowe–Photography Intern
During the fall semester of her senior year, Ashley took an agroecology class. Throughout the semester, they took trips to local farms and, at the end of each visit, they asked the farmers: “What should we eat and why does it matter?” Ashley recorded their responses as well as photographed the farms and farmers. At the end of the semester, she had a series of photographs that documented the essence of WNC farmers and their eating philosophies. This class significantly increased her passion and interest in the local food movement. She believes this internship is a perfect fit and hopes that her time and work with ASAP continues to nurture this passion. She is excited to learn more about WNC agriculture and is interested in connecting with local farmers and sharing their stories with the community through her photographs. Ashley’s favorite local food item is berries! An interesting fact about Ashley is that she ate her first PB&J sandwich in Iceland just three years ago! In her spare time, she enjoys painting (which is actually more than a hobby), running, hiking, and reading.

April Hausle—Market and Promotions Intern
April has managed a community garden at UNCA for the past three years and has been involved in other community gardens around Asheville. During her internship at ASAP, she is interested to learn more about the distributive and administrative perspectives of sustainable local agriculture. April is excited to engage with local farmers and members of the ASAP team and learn from them what goes in to the production and distribution of local food. In addition, April wants to learn more about making local and fresh food available to more people. April’s hobbies include gardening, singing and dancing, hiking, biking all over the place, and crafting. She has been a part of many a ‘capella groups. April’s favorite local food is pesto made from chickweed and wood sorrel gathered in the early spring (she calls it Weedsto!).

Scott Stewart—Operations Intern
Scott was involved with the hydroponic garden at his university’s cafeteria, and through that experience, he became interested in agriculture and locally sourced food. He lost 40 pounds this year by eating less processed foods. Scott is excited to learn from his internship at ASAP how economic and accounting information is recorded and used to make business decisions. His hobbies include tennis, swimming, and watching anime. Scott’s favorite local food is spaghetti squash.



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