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Program Post: Trade Secrets!

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Each Thursday, ASAP’s programs take you behind the scenes of their work. This week, our Local Food Campaign shares they’ve begun production of ASAP’s Wholesale Local Food Guide, our trade directory just for farmers and food buyers!

From ASAP’s Local Food Campaign

With the recent release of our Local Food Guide, the production team here can let out a huge sigh of relief and relax a bit, right? Not quite, as we’re already producing our next publication: our Wholesale Local Food Guide (we’re changing the name this year from the Mixing Bowl)! Though not as well known as our public Local Food Guide, our wholesale guide is our farm to business trade directory. It’s an important tool for product information exchange between growers and food buyers.

In other words, the directory is tailor-made for local food buyers and sellers (farmers). It allows buyers and sellers  to list their specific offerings and needs, as well as contact information and even the best time they can be reached. It gets mailed to everyone listed in the book, and we print extras to give out to farmers and buyers that may need to utilize it throughout the year.

The wholesale world of local food is very different than the retail one. Expectations for volume, delivery, quality, and price are all important factors to keeping businesses, well, in business. We’re spoiled here in Southern Appalachia by all the restaurants and retailers who tap into local products, and sometimes we may take for granted the efforts that go into finding a good source for a product. Or, the trouble a farmer goes through to establish solid relationships with buyers throughout the region. It’s not as easy as it seems!

That’s why we have this guide: To make these connections easier on wholesale buyers and sellers in the same way the Local Food Guide makes finding local food easier for you!

Are you a farmer or local food buyer? We update this publication annually, in the winter, and we want to make sure the information in 2014 is even more accurate than the forthcoming 2013 guide. When you receive your copy this June, check your listing. Farmers: Is this really what you can sell wholesale? Buyers: Is this really what you want to buy from local farmers? Together we can make this a tool that will save you time in making essential connections!

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