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*UPDATED* Reserve Your Bird NOW!

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, now’s the time to reserve your local, Appalachian Grown bird. Find a farmer to supply your feast—plus learn how their turkeys are raised, get prices, and more—with the following list. Keep in mind, farms often sell out, so order soon. You can visit the farms’ websites (linked) and/or contact them directly for more details and to order. Many farms are also at local tailgate markets and can provide additional info or register you there.

Adelbert Farm *SOLD OUT*

“Our turkeys are heritage breeds that enjoy their natural diet of bugs, plants, and grains they forage for, and their diet is supplemented with organic grain from Countryside Naturals and veggies and grain that is grown using organic and sustainable methods on our farm.”

Cost: $5.50/lb and $25 deposit to hold your reservation
Pick up date: November 26, 3-6 pm
Pick up location: Oakley Park
To reserve:

Balsam Gardens *SOLD OUT*

“Once the birds are big enough to fend off the owls at about 10 or 12 weeks of age, they live out the remainder of their lives totally free range inside a moveable, protective, electric netting. This allows us to rotate their paddocks onto new pasture regularly to maintain health and ensure their access to high quality forage and bugs. We feed them a ration of corn, soybean meal, and Fertrell Poultry Nutribalancer (a high quality mineral mix boasting kelp as one of its first ingredients). This feed is custom milled to our specifications at Bryson Farm Supply in Sylva, NC. It is clean and vegetarian with no added hormones or antibiotics. ”

Cost: $4/lb and $20 deposit that is subtracted from final cost. There is an $.88 surcharge for online processing.
Sizes: ~12-20 lbs (first come, first serve to choose size)
Pick up dates: November 25-27, 4-6 pm
Pick up location: 433 Crawford Cemetary Rd., Sylva
To reserve:

Duck Dance Farm

“Come to Duck Dance Farm and get your Thanksgiving duck or guinea to roast for dinner. Our small family farm pasture raises and harvests these birds right here on the farm. We feed non-GMO feed as well. You can buy them frozen. Or, we will fresh harvest with a deposit. We have the best and freshest poultry available. ”

Cost: Ducks and guineas $9/lb
Sizes: Ducks are 3-6 lbs and Guineas are 2-4 lbs
Pick up dates: 7 days a week, but please call ahead to reserve
Pick up location: Duck Dance Farm, 150 Troxell, Burnsville NC
To reserve:  Call (828) 675-2012

East Fork Farm *SOLD OUT*

“No routine medication or added hormones for our animals, no animal by-products in our animals’ feed, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on crops or pastures—that’s our pledge.  Our commitment to nourishing traditions and sustainable agriculture shines through in the health, vigor, and well-being of our animals. Our passion for the earth and our compassion for all our livestock translates into trusting, humane relationships with every animal we raise.”

Cost: $4.50/lb and $20 deposit to hold reservation
Sizes: reserve a medium (~17-22 lbs) or a large (~23+lbs)
Pick up date: November 26, 2-5 pm
Pick up location: West Asheville Tailgate Market
To reserve:

Foothills Farm & Butchery *Call to check on availability*

“There are never any added hormones or routine antibiotics used in our meats. Our meats are processed and packaged at our own full-service butcher shop in Black Mountain, NC. All of our animals are raised on pasture with constant access to forages, clean air, and sunshine. Thanksgiving turkeys are from Balsam Gardens (above).”

Cost: Whole bird, $4.50/lb; whole bird brined (12 hours in apple cider and rosemary), $5.50/lb; bone-in breast, brined and house-smoked with apple wood, $12/lb. A $25 deposit will be due within 24 hours of your reservation.
Pick up dates: November 25-27
Pick up location: 
The Butcher Shop, 1196B Old US Hwy 70, Black Mountain
To reserve: 
Stop by The Butcher Shop, call the shop at (828) 669-8200, or email with the subject line “turkey.” Credit cards are accepted by phone, or pay in person at shop.

Franny’s Farm

“We raised heritage turkeys this year with organic, non-GMO feed on pasture.”

Cost: $6.99/lb
Sizes: ~10-19 lbs
Pick up date: November 24 from 2-6 pm
Pick up location: Franny’s Farm, 38 Came Sharp Rd., Leicester
To reserve: First come, first serve

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

“We raise our chickens and turkeys, which are hormone- and antibiotic-free, in small batches on green pasture. This season, our chickens and turkeys live in open-ended, portable houses surrounded by netting to help keep predators at bay. The houses are moved every day to fresh pasture, allowing the chickens and turkeys to eat grass and insects and to peck and scratch as they please. While our chickens and turkeys enjoy their natural forages, they are also fed a corn and soybean based grain to supplement their nutritional needs. The result of careful pasture and livestock management in a pastured poultry system is part of creating a healthier farm ecosystem, healthy livestock, and amazing food.”

Cost: $4.50/lb
Sizes: ~12-20 lbs (first come, first serve to choose size)
Pick up dates: November 22-26
Pick up location: 57 Sugar Hollow Rd., Fairview
To reserve: Call (828) 628-1027

Know of a farm offering holiday turkeys not on this list? Do tell!

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