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Farm Tour Photo Contest

The Farm Tour photo contest is back! All you have to do is snap some great shots of your experience, upload them here by midnight on Wednesday, September 24, and you could win Asheville City Market Bucks and a free pass to next year’s Farm Tour! What’s more, winning photos will be used for the 2015 Farm Tour. A professional photographer will select three winners. Flip through a photo album of all 2013 contest entries, including the winners (pictured above).


  • High resolution photos are preferred (that way we can share them in articles and print materials to promote future tours), but any resolution can be submitted to be entered!
  • Get close to your photo subject/scene to truly shine a light on your fellow Carolinians and our farming community. To quote Robert Capa: “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.”
  • Be respectful of the farms and other tour goers. Farmers may ask that you not visit one area of the farm to photograph as to not disturb some animals or crops, or other tour goers may not wish to be included in your shot. Please ask for permission if you are shooting an adult or child not in your party; in general, we advise shooting and submitting photos of your friends and family only, as well as general tour scenes. There’s plenty to see through the lens, so don’t get caught up if one shot won’t work!


Rules and Regulations

Entry into the Farm Tour Photo Contest grants ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project) and the individual farms permission to use photographs in any and all public informational material. This includes but is not limited to print media (newspaper, television) and printed materials (brochures, newsletters, etc.), audio/DVD, and online media (websites, social media sites, etc.).

ASAP Board members, employees, and employees’ immediate families are ineligible to win. Winners will be notified via email or phone within one week from close of contest (by Thursday, October 2, 2014). If a winner fails to claim a prize, another winning photo will be selected.

All costs, taxes, fees, and expenses associated with the acceptance and use of any element of a prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. All federal, state and local taxes on prize are winner’s responsibility. The value of the contest prizes is less than $5,000.

In the event of any ambiguity or unaddressed or unanticipated matter in connection with these rules and regulations and the conduct of the contest and award of one of the prizes, ASAP reserves all rights to determine and settle such matter in full and the determination of the Board of Directors of ASAP shall be fully determinative and binding.